© 2017 by Hanna Mäki-Jussila. 


I was born in 1986 and grew up on the west coast of Finland.

I grew up in a bilingual home speaking both Swedish and Finnish.

When I was seven I started taking art classes, and continued doing so for six years.

I got introduced to several different art forms during those years,

but painting is the one that stuck with me.

When I was au pairing in France in 2006, I got acrylic paint as a gift.

I’ve mainly painted with acrylics since then,

but recently I began using watercolours and different types of pens to mix it up.

I enjoy hiking, kayaking, camping and the outdoors in general,

and spent a year studying and gettings more knowledge in those areas.

Travelling has opened my eyes to many different cultures and it influences my art greatly.

My life is much richer having met,

worked and lived with people from around the globe. 

Painting is my therapy.

So is cuddling with dogs.


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ART with a story
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